“His overall tone and articulation are just absolutely on point.”

Debbie Burke, New York

Ron Bernard (PhD) is an Australian singer of popular music. He performs Traditional Pop and Easy Listening standards with a romantic and jazz-inflected touch. He sings in several languages, including Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese. His work as a lyricist and songwriter is of today, tomorrow, and harks back to yesterday. Listen to Ron Bernard on Spotify and all popular music streaming services.

Ron’s life journey is the celebration of art over adversity. He started out at drama schools, music conservatoires, and church choirs as a soloist. With the aid of music scholarships, he went on to pursue further studies in the United States, New Zealand, and South America. It was through the opportunities available in the US and the support of his adoptive family in Gadsden, Alabama that life really began for Ron, leading to successes as an individual, artist, and scholar.

Ron has a linguistically diverse support base. His followers span several continents covering in addition to Australia and New Zealand, the Americas through to Canada, the UK and Europe including Turkey, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, and Mozambique. He communicates his feelings regardless of the languages in which he sings.

Outside of his music, Ron is focused on health, fitness, and his family. He’s a very attentive husband, a treasured grandfather, and a terrific cook. He’s frightfully active. He was a Lifeguard for a number of years back in the US. He’s also a certified Personal Trainer and a scholar with a PhD from Melbourne University. He enjoys performing Olympic lifts, working out with his son, and reading literature, history, and biographies.

His album Timeless has inspired interesting reviews. “Seminal repertoire presented in a romantic and jazz-inflected style, passionately performed in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, and tastefully accompanied by guitar, double bass, and drums. Timeless is a soothing antidote to your heart.”

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