“A powerful story. The overlapping and dismantling of true and carnal love make Hubris of the Lonely a worthwhile read.”

Jeff Wilcott

Hello there! Greetings from New Zealand. In my spare time, I write erotic love stories. My novels combine romance, mystery, and drama with intriguing plots that embrace passionate uninhibited m/m intimacy. That earnest natural yearning, yet still unconventional, and so often casually dismissed as perverse.

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“His overall tone and articulation are just absolutely on point.”

Debbie Burke (Jazz Author, New York)

I also make time to sing a little. You should often find me humming my grandchildren to sleep with some easy listening standards. Though I sing softly with a melodic romantic touch, and even spice it up with some Italian or Spanish, they haven’t yet called me Perry Como!

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“A very attentive husband, a treasured grandfather, and a terrific cook.”

— The Bernard Family Inc.

When I glance at chronology in the mirror, health and fitness nudge me slightly! I have great fun performing Olympic lifts and racing my children on the beach… I also enjoy the solitary company of books, strong coffee, and silence… The flip sides of a former Lifeguard and semi-retired scholar with an MA from Carson-Newman University and a PhD from the University of Melbourne.