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Review and Interview by Debbie Burke 🌹

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Language of Romance Exquisitely Expressed by Ron Bernard

Debbie Burke, Jazz Blogger and Author, talks to me about my music and my new album ‘Timeless’

Backed by a luscious, smooth guitar, singer/songwriter Ron Bernard croons with emotion and sizzle in “It’s Impossible”. His classy and classic interpretations of the Great American Songbook on his new CD “Timeless” make for a sweet, romantic experience. Unique phrasing and expert of the light touch, Bernard has an approach not only informed by his emotional IQ but a professional linguist’s understanding of communication (he is a Doctor of Applied Linguistics). — Debbie Burke/Jazz Blogger (USA), Author of “Glissando: A story of love, lust and jazz” (Click here for the interview)

Timeless is now available and can be purchased as an Album or as Singles. Click here to listen.

Thank you.

Ron Bernard 🌹

Videography by Marcelo Ribeiro and DigiMegPhotography

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