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It’s not over 🌹

By February 15, 2019 8 Comments

A song I wrote especially for you

I share with you It’s not over, a song I wrote especially for you romantics out there. The song, which embraces the vow of eternal love, reminds us that old memories of love burn deep within and never die. As the lyrics go… ‘No, it’s not over. Old memories live within’.

I wrote this song with Michael Graye, a song writer from New York City. I was fortunate to have a group of talented musicians from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to write the arrangement and to accompany me. While I live and work in Perth, Australia, with the benefits of technology, I am able to collaborate with incredibly talented musicians from around the world and share it with you from all corners of the globe.

We live in challenging times with borders and walls. Yet we have no boundaries to music. It is my belief that music, language, and culture are intrinsically connected, music being a universal element, the bond that unites us all. This is the result of our collaboration. Click here to listen or to buy the album. Thank you.

The Musicians

Dino Rangel Ney ConceiçãoGuto Writti | Marcio Bahia

Cover Art Photography & Videography: Meghan Heller of DigiMeg Photography, Perth, Australia

Photos & Videography: Marcelo Ribeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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  • Liliana Pagu says:

    Wonderful song, my dear wonderful voice, that was like a Valentine’s Day gift for me! Thanks Liliana

    • Ron Bernard says:

      Hello there Liliana. How awesome. How kind. Thank you very much for dropping by and for your lovely words. Much appreciated.

  • María Teresa Falla says:

    It’s a love music and your Ron fascinates me I hope more production of you more songs you’re adorable thank you for sending me your music I love also knowing about you I’m your fans you have me at your command

  • María Falla says:

    Que romántico bellísima voz embruja y te traslada a donde más te realizas espiritualmente Que romántico bellísima voz embruja y te traslada a donde más te realizas espiritualmente eres bello Ron bello Ron

    • Ron Bernard says:

      Hola María. Qué amable. Un gran placer recibir su visita y sus encantadoras palabras. Muchísimas gracias.

  • Luiz Carlos Drumond. says:

    Voz elegante e bem sintonizada, e com identidade….Ron Bernard….

    • Ron Bernard says:

      Olá Luiz Carlos. Muito obrigado pela sua visita e por suas palavras tão significativas. Estou muito agradecido.

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